Austrian Silver Philharmonic Monster Box


The Austrian Silver Philharmonic coin, also known as the Vienna Philharmonic, is a one troy ounce silver coin produced by the Austrian Mint. It is minted yearly, but on a smaller scale than the silver Eagles and Maples. The coin is more popular with collectors than investors and has only been minted since 2008.

Vienna Philharmonic Silver Coins

The coin boasts a face value of €1.50 and is comprised of 1 oz of pure .999 fine silver. Its design features the instruments of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. The coin is legal tender in Austria, though its true silver value far exceeds its face value. Of the three mints worldwide that sell one troy ounce silver monster boxes, the Philharmonic is by far the least popular. That said, it continues to provide a trustworthy form of wealth protection due to its internationally renowned quality and purity. The origins of the Austrian Mint date back to the 15th century, although its official modern monikor was not adopted until 1919 when the Republic of Austria was formed. The mint also produces the Austrian Euro coins used as legal tender today throughout the Eurozone.

BLACK Monster Box

The Austrian Philharmonic's monster box is black in color. It is not plastic like its American and Candian counterparts. It is made of a hard composite, slightly flexible yet durable enough to protect the coins inside. The contents are arranged in five rows and five columns of tubes of coins. Each tube holds a roll of 20 coins. The sum of the rolls equals 500 coins, the industry standard for monster boxes. The box dimensions are 9 x 9 x 3.5 inches.


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