Perth Mint Silver Kangaroo Mini-Monster Box 


The 2017 Perth Mint Silver Kangaroo one-ounce coin provides investors with an opportunity to own an engraving of Australia’s famous marsupial on a gorgeous silver coin.  The Australian Silver Kangaroo is the first silver coin produced by the Perth Mint with a purity of 99.99% pure silver. The coin has a face value of AU $1 and  is considered legal tender in accordance with the Australian Commonwealth Government’s Currency Act of 1965. The coin’s weight and purity is fully backed by the State Government of Western Australia.


The kangaroo was officially recognized as the symbol of Australia on their coat of arms in 1908. One-ounce coins with the famous animal have been minted in gold since 1986, but were only introduced in silver for the first time in 2016. The 2016 Perth Mint Silver Kangaroo Mini-Monster Box contains 250 1 oz coins. The coins are divided into rolls of 25 coins stacked in 10 sealed plastic tubes. The advantage of the mini-monster box is that it can fit into a standard safety deposit box which makes it very easy for first-time silver bullion investors to store in a setting they are comfortable with.

The mint-sealed tubes feature a holographic security strip placed on top of the tube by the Perth Mint, which provides additional security and allows the owner to determine whether the tube has been tampered with after leaving the mint. Each and every coin in the mini-monster box is stamped with the coin’s weight, fineness and "P" mintmark and the monster box is eligible for precious metals IRAs. All the coins in the mini-monster box are guaranteed to be untouched and in pristine, mint condition which means bullion coin dealers may pay a higher price for silver coins in sealed boxes than they do for the same quantity of coins that are not in a sealed box.

BLUE MINI-Monster Box

The Perth Mint Mini-Monster Boxes are blue in color with a white opaque lid. The boxes are made from a hard and durable plastic that protects the coins during shipment. The box holds 250 of the 2017 1 oz Silver Australian Kangaroo coins divided into rolls of 25 coins stacked in 10 sealed plastic tubes and fits into a standard security deposit box. Unopened boxes have blue straps both vertically and horizontally across the box. The box dimensions are 10.38 x 4.88 x 4.12 inches.


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Perth Mint Silver Kangaroo Monster Box




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