Texas-Australia Sister Cities Monster Box 


The Australian Sister Cities coin is a nod to the unique partnership between Houston, Texas and Perth, Australia. The energy-themed coin traces its roots back to WWII when the USS Houston and HMAS Perth were lost in battle after banding together to defend Australia against Japanese forces. This special half-ounce coin of 99.9% fine silver has a face value of $0.50 and is considered legal tender by the Perth Mint of Australia. The coin was exclusively minted by the Perth Mint for Texas Precious Metals and is IRA eligible.

sister cities silver Coins

This energy-themed coin marked the 2014, 30th anniversary of Houston and Perth’s official Sister City relationship founded upon decades of historical ties and energy industry synergies. The half ounce Silver Texas-Australia Sister Cities *Exclusive* Monster Box contains 500 half oz coins. The coins are divided into rolls of 25 coins stacked in 20 sealed plastic tubes. The monster box makes collecting a bundle of treasured Sister City silver coins an easily storable investment for both experienced and novice silver investors.

The Perth Mint’s bullion coins are known worldwide as one of the most affordable ways to amass a collection of silver bullion that’s considered official and legal tender. There were only 500,000 Sister City coins produced making them a highly collectible asset with the potential for a numismatic premium. The Perth Mint is one of the most unique mints in the world as they consistently release new coins each year.

grey Monster Box

The Sister Cities Silver Coin monster box is all grey in color with a removable lid. The box is built of a hard plastic that keeps contents secure during shipment. The box has blue straps both horizontally and vertically over the box to add an additional layer of security to the box. The box dimensions are 10.38 x 8.5 x 4.5 inches.


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