Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Monster Box

Canadian Silver Maple Monster Box

The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf is a one-ounce silver coin produced by the Royal Canadian Mint. Since its first issue in 1988 it has earned a trusted place in investors' and collector's hearts for its high quality and purity guaranteed by the RCM. The face value of the Canadian Maple is five Canadian dollars and the silver coin boasts a .9999 fine silver purity.

Silver Maple Coins

The Canadian Silver Maple bears the symbol of the maple leaf, Canada's national symbol, present on its flag. The RCM frequently releases special limited editions of the Maple, conmemorating events in history, the Chinese zodiac and various designs and motifs. The Silver Maple Monster Box contains 500 1 oz Maple Leaf coins. The coins are stacked in sets of 25 which are then placed into tubes of twenty coins each, the sum of which equals the 500 coins in the monster box.

Silver Maples often demand premiums well over the spot price of silver. Investor demand together with varying production quantities can at times impulse a spike in maple prices. Generally the RCM mints several million of these coins per year. They are widely available from authorized dealers and can be easily stored for wealth protection or sold back to dealers given their high quality and recognized purity.

Yellow Monster Box

Yellow Monster BoxSealed Monster BoxThe Royal Canadian Mint's monster boxes are yellow in color, with a removable lid. The boxes are made from a hard and durable plastic that protects the coins during shipment. Unlike the green American Eagle, the yellow monster box has the twenty tubes of coins aligned in a symmetrical layout of rows. There is no empty centerpiece like its US counterpart.