American Silver Eagle Monster Box

American Silver Eagle Monster Box

The American Silver Eagle one-ounce coin is one of the most popular silver bullions items with investors. The trusted guarantee of The United States Mint and the coin's universally recognized value assure a safe and sound investment. Silver eagles are sought after for both their quality and purity. The three US mints that produce the coin are the San Francisco Mint, the Philadelphia Mint and the West Point Mint. It has a face value of $1 and .9999 silver purity.

Silver Eagle Coins

The Silver American Eagle has been minted since November 24, 1986. Since its introduction it has grown to be the most popular silver bullion coin investment. The Silver Eagle Monster Box contains 500 coins. The coins are divided into rolls of twenty coins stacked in plastic tubes. 25 of these tubes make up the monster box. Demand for the silver Eagle is always high, and a sealed monster box of Silver Eagle coins is an ideal mid- to long-term investment in wealth protection. Unsealed boxes carry a lower premium as the coins inside are normally not the originals that shipped with the box. Since sealed boxes are accompanied with a certificate, it is impossible to know whether the silver coins in an unsealed box are in 'mint' condition or not, or whether or not they pertain to the original package.

Green Monster Box

Green Monster BoxOpen Silver Eagle Monster BoxThe US Mint's monster boxes are green in color with a removable lid. They are built entirely of hard plastic that protects the contents during shipment. As can be seen in the image of an empty monster box on the right, the tubes are not arranged in an equal number of rows. The depression in the central part of the box holds one roll. The remaining 24 rolls are placed to the left and the right of the center piece, twelve on each side.